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Animal rights activists- do they go too far?


I read an article in The Age Education section on Monday 26 Feb that made me really angry. It was about people that conduct animal research on medication that could in the future be used for humans. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think scientific research on animals in order to create better make-up or anything else uneccesary is cruel and inhumane. But I just wonder how these animal rights activists (ARA) think we are supposed to use drugs that haven’t yet been tested on animals? I mean, what is the problem with testing a possible cancer cure or new, safe vaccine for the flu on animals? Do they suggest that we dimply don’t test and act as guinea pigs for our own means? Should we just stop creating more medicines purely because we have nothing to test them on first? Can they justify the death of many humans for the sake of a few rats, mice and whatever else they use?

I’d really love to hear from an ARA if there is anyone out there. Not to get into an argument but simply to gain insight into the reasoning. I love animals, I really do. I wanted to be a vet when I was younger- before I found out how ridiculously smart you have to be. And before I found out it included putting animals down, something I don’t think I could handle. But when it comes to testing possible cures, vaccines and immunisations for the possibility of saving thousands of human lives, then I’m all for it. Unless, of course, there is another approach.

You see, I know too many people that have died of cancer, too many people that currently have cancer. Cancer is the sort of illness that EVERYONE has been directly affected by it, whether having it themselves, or knowing a loved one who has it or has died from it. And unless we test them on animals, how can we come up with a cure?

The article mentioned people who have received death threats, had their property vandalised, been physically or verbally abused, received letter bombs and who knows what else, because they work in animal research laboratories. All I say is this: you know that loved one you know who is ill with some sort of disease? Unless these researchers do their job, your loved one will never be cured.

Comments are welcome. I’d love to hear the other side of the story.