Monthly Archives: August 2010

Grateful for…


I’ve changed it from “Today I’m grateful for…” to just “Grateful for…” because sometimes I forget to do the post.

So, I’m grateful for…

  1. Being able to dress up and go to an 80s themed party; my first themed party since primary school, dammit!
  2. Having Shane home (albeit injured) and so spending time with my whole family
  3. My parents being home from their 3 week holiday and…
  4. The fact that I survived without their help for three whole weeks (three weeks with no one to dump the kids with for even half a day is a long time) and it didn’t even seem that hard!!
  5. The universe constantly prodding me (gently) back towards my calling…ask and you shall receive!
  6. The feeling of optimism that keeps me strong
  7. The amazingly clever, talented, well-rounded, caring, cheerful, patient, kind little boy I have for a son
  8. The other cheeky, cheeky, cheeky, funny, carefree, fearless, high-spirited little boy I have for a son
  9. Finding what I feel is the right school for Lachie
  10. The chance to help people
  11. The chance to spend time with friends
  12. Having balance

Life is a game of balancing


My goodness it’s hard to find balance. I constantly find myself running head first into the things I love doing, only to find that I’ve done it so much that I then need a break from it. Then I pull right back to the point where, after a few weeks, I find myself missing it so much that I throw myself in headfirst again.

Like blogging.

The interesting thing is, though, that now I’ve come to accept that this is what I do, and that I’m basically just balancing the scales. Eventually, out of trial and error, I will find that perfect balance. The time between throwing myself head first, then needing a break is becoming shorter, as is the time between needing a break and throwing myself in again. Eventually there will be no throwing myself and needing a break, there will just be…me doing what I love.

Balance is so important. There’s balancing time to yourself with time with loved ones, balancing doing things for yourself with doing things for others. You have to balance work, play and rest, and if you don’t get that balance just right, then something gives.

I am managing to balance spending time with family, time on my own, and time with friends. I am NOT managing to balance a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. I am balancing writing and spirituality (though this needs some fine tuning) but I am not balancing other things I want to be doing with things I need to be doing.

Do you have balance in your life? If you do, how have you achieved it? If not, where do you think you need it most?