Monthly Archives: November 2010

The “L” word: Does anyone know what it means anymore?


Love. What does it even mean? We throw it around so much, so often, that eventually it becomes one of those words that sounds funny and are void of all meaning. Love. Love.

What does it mean to you? What does it represent? I’m not sure I even know anymore. Actually, that’s not true. To me, love means that doing anything for that person. Unfortunately, it also means sacrificing my own happiness for theirs.

It also means wanting to experience my life with that person by your side. The person I turn to, and can rely on, when I’m spiralling downwards, and the person I want to share my greatest joys with. In fact, the lowest lows, and the highest highs, are not the same without the person you love.

But what happens when the one you love has a different view on what love is? What happens when your views don’t match? What then? No one prepares you for that. No amount of talking or yelling or reasoning or compromising can change what you think love is and what they think love is.

And then? Well then you’re just screwed.

What about you? What does love mean to you? And what does it mean to the person you love? Do they match? If not, how do you work around that?