Breaking free from self-imposed chains


So what has changed in the last 8 months?


  • New job, and new job prospects
  • The end of a toxic friendship
  • Re-meeting an old friend from years ago and realising we have even more in common than we did back then
  • Change of career path (from PR to Psychology!)
  • Making many, many wonderful new friends
  • Letting go of old worries
  • Releasing old guilt
  • Progression down the spiritual path
  • The opportunity of a lifetime (which I will explain in more detail when the time is right)

I’m sure there have been others, but I just can’t think of them at 9am on a Saturday morning.

One thing I have been struggling with is how to integrate the two seemingly contradictory sides of myself. On one hand I want to lead a life of simple happiness, with few possessions cluttering my home, to meditate and do yoga every day, and to help people, especially teenagers. But on the other, I want a glamorous job as a travel writer or features writers and be financially free, so I have the freedom to do the things I enjoy. How can these two contradictory aspects coexist harmoniously in the same person without making them (me) go crazy?

There is a shift in energy occurring on the planet at the moment. Like joining the left and right brain, or male and female energy, or spirit and matter, to form one complete thing. No longer either/or but both, together. That’s what I’m trying to achieve.

And why does it have to be either/or? I mean, look at Maslow’s Hierarchy. In order to reach self-actualisation all the lower levels need to be satisfied first, including basic needs like food, water, shelter, moving to love, acceptance and belonging, then ending, finally, after all the others have been met, at self-actualisation. So that in itself explains how I can want both the superficial stuff and the spiritual stuff at the same time.

I mean really, it’s all about freedom in the end. The freedom to do as one chooses. But let me tell you a secret that not many people know, and few are willing to accept. The secret is this: We ARE all free. The only limits to what we can do and achieve are SELF IMPOSED and they are done so for a reason. It’s simply a matter of figuring out why. What lessons you are meant to be learning out of it.

Think about it…That’s saying that wherever you are right now, whatever restrictions you have in your life have been self-imposed.

Be brutal. Be honest. Then you will be free.


About melwallace

I talk and write. Having recently learned the important things in life I am now dedicating my future to following my dreams while trying to integrate my love for writing and things a little bit fancy with my spiritual, less materialistic side. It's tricky. I'm now studying my true calling: Psychology. I still freelance as a writer and I still do PR, but now that my priorities are adjusted. I live by the quote: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; Live the life you imagine!" by Thoreaux, and have learned that if you're on the right path for you, things happen much, much easier.

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