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A new website, and an exciting future!!


I just wanted to let the beautiful subscribers on here know that I have moved to my own domain name!! whooooopp!!! And a new blog called…

Path of illumination

My new website has taken on a more spiritually, magically feel, but it still has the same daily musings and stories as usual- it’s just a bit more “me”ish!!

So, please head on over and subscribe! Over there you will find:

  • Life musings and lessons
  • Posts on spirituality, paganism, buddhism, conscious living and spiritual awakenings
  • Delish, healthy recipes ideal for a spiritual being in a human body!
  • Home made beauty ideas
  • Tips on living sustainably
  • Discussions on all things relating to energy, magick & manifestation!
  • Spiritual/conscious parenting
  • Connecting with Mother Earth
  • Living from the heart and being true to yourself

PLUS I will be creating:

  • Ecourses & ebooks
  • Meditations
  • Magickal wands
  • Gem elixirs & energy sprays

and various other goodies as I become inspired!!

See you over at Path of Illumination


Words of wisdom from a loving mumma


I was going through a bunch of my old papers at mum and dad’s house the other day, and I came across a letter from mum, from 2002, just before I went overseas for 2 years. It was advice mum wanted to pass on to me to help “get me through life”. Reading it, I wanted to laugh and cry simultaneously; laugh because some of it I had taken on, cry because it reminded me of mum as she used to be.

So, in the spirit of sharing loving advice, here are these words of wisdom from my mum, almost 10 years ago:

  1. Remember always think of other people and not about yourself.
  2. Never drop your standards, always put your best foot forward, never dress in a slovenly manner. And always have clean shoes. It is not too late to change.
  3. If you haven’t got something nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.
  4. Don’t worry about sex again, it will be wonderful once you meet Mr. Right.
  5. Once you have completed uni (at this stage I had no intention of going to uni!) get a safe job in public service; you will live longer and feel secure.
  6. This is a quotation from Charles Kingsley: “Be good sweet maid and let who will be clever”. Guess this doesn’t make sense to you. In a nut shell I would like to think of goodness as honesty, tolerance, trust, generosity, and kindness, to oneself and others. Remember this through your life.
  7. Don’t let anyone know if you are down on your luck and never boast about good fortune to someone less fortunate than yourself.
  8. Try not to cry in public and never let people know that they have hurt your feelings. (This is old fashioned now, my dad used to tell me this).
  9. From now on be careful who you associate with. If you mix with crows you will crow like them.
  10. If your second toe is longer than your first toe you have profound will and determination. (Boy, is it ever and do I ever!!)
  11. Always go for quality instead of tat and rubbish. You mostly won’t appreciate this at the moment.
  12. I remember already telling you this but never leave home without a change of underwear, you might get caught.
  13. If you look a million dollars you’ll make a million dollars.
  14. Make sure when you complete uni get a job where you go to work in a suit or smart attire.

It was really nice to read this after such a long time, and now, as a parent, I can really understand where mum was coming from. So I decided I should come up with a few pieces of advice for my boys when they’re older. I have a few already under my belt but the rest will have to come slowly, I think.

What about you? What was the best piece of advice you ever received and who was it from? What was the best piece of advice (or worst) your parents ever gave you? What would you want to pass on to your kids?

My existential crisis…& why the world doesn’t have to be this way.


Just a word of warning that this post is very off topic to what I usually post, but that I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and it is bothering me. And I just felt that I needed to share…I’m aware that some of you may think I’m crazy, but if even two of you listen to what I say and actually take it on board…then this post has done its job…

Lately I have been consumed with the feeling that we, as in humanity, are headed down a destructive path, but that it doesn’t have to be that way.

The unequal distribution of wealth and food to the minority, the poverty, the sickness…EVERYTHING that this world is going through can be avoided. But we need to CHANGE SOMETHING.

And what makes me most upset is that people like me, who are comfortable and have food and money, choose to stick our heads in the sand because it doesn’t affect us.

What makes me upset is the inconsideration of others, the refusal to think about others beside ourselves.

I mean honestly. HOW HARD IS IT????

How hard is it to let someone in front of you in traffic?? How hard is it to park close enough to the next car so that more people can park in the car park? How FUCKING HARD IS IT TO CONSIDER OTHER PEOPLE????

I’m sorry, I know this is a bit off topics to what I usually blog about I’ve reached my limit.

We have the capability, the resources, the technology, the knowhow to create a society that provides a high standard of living for EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS PLANET while at the same time looking after our Earth and its resources. WE HAVE THAT CAPABILITY!!! ALREADY!!!

So why aren’t we doing that?

Because the “powers that be” (as in heads of nations, religious leaders and media moguls) don’t want to go down that road of unity and equality because it means no more control for them.

I am fully aware that I sound “crazy” right now, but that’s just a symptom of our society and the “powers that be”. Anyone who thinks outside the box, or outside what we’re told to think is labelled as “crazy” or a “tree-hugging hippy”.

But can you all honestly tell me that you are HAPPY, I mean really, truly, deeply happy?

Why do you think there are so many crimes, so much depression, so much unhappiness in the world? Because we are denying our true nature as human beings!!!

If we lived together, worked together, helped each other, put each other first….well I don’t believe that there would be anywhere near as many problems as we have.

When is everyone going to wake up and smell the shit we are being spoonfed???

We are being told what to do, how to act, when to do things. Someone said to me that we need to be controlled…to stop people from doing what they want. And I agree…to a point.

We need leaders, yes. But we need leaders who lead from BOTH the heart and the head. We need leaders who are committed to helping humanity reach their best potential, where we live together harmoniously.

Lately I’ve just felt so….helpless. As far as I can see we have a choice of two pathways…the constructive path of unity and equality, or the destructive path of power and control and greed.

Guess which path we are going down?

Which path do YOU want to go down?

I found these videos that talk about the fact that the root of all our global problems is that our monetary system is outdated compared to where we are technologically. That to support our current growth rate our economic system needs to change.

The short of it is this:

We are creating technology to do the work of humans, right? Robots and things. So, the more robots we have doing our work the more goods we can make. But the more robots that are doing human work, the less work there is for humans. The less work there is for humans, the less money they make. And the less money they make, the less buying power they have.

What does that mean?

It means that we are now at the point where we are creating more than we can consume.

I’m not going to try and explain this any further, instead I’d rather you watched the videos yourselves.

They then lead to a website called the Venus Project, which is about a guy who has this vision of a world that I described earlier, where standards of living are high for everyone.

I have this feeling that the shit is going to hit the fan very, very soon. I don’t know what will happen, and I don’t know how. But it will be big enough that we have no choice but to change our ways.

Please, stop burying your head in the sand and thinking that whatever happens “out there” in other countries etc doesn’t affect you. Because eventually it will. And probably sooner than you think.

Stop lying to yourselves that all your things make you happy. Your clothes, your jewellery, your cars, your houses, make you happy. Start questioning things. Stop being spoonfed things and start asking “why?”

Don’t even listen to what I have to say if you don’t want to. But do your own research and find out your own information and start RUNNING YOUR OWN LIFE.

And stop thinking about yourselves and start thinking about others!!! Because the funny thing is….it feels GOOD to think of others!!!!

By the way, as a side note, there are more people out there who believe that humanity is being suppressed than you realise. I have met so many people over the past 12 months, all wonderful, hard-working people who have the same thoughts. So, if you do understand what I’m saying, but you’ve been too scared to admit it out loud, don’t be. The more people who break free from this suppression to reach their true potential, the better!!!

The videos are in 4 parts. Watch them all if you can…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Random questions for your consideration


One of my favourite things to do when I meet new people is to ask those random questions, like, if you had one day left to live what would you do. I think it gives insight into the true essence of a person and what makes them tick.

So, here are some questions for you to consider:

  1. If you had only 24 hours  to live what would you spend it doing? (Don’t worry about how you would afford it etc. The sky’s the limit)
    I would fly my closest friends and my family somewhere warm and tropical and spend the day at the beach drinking cocktails, eating food, and talking and laughing. I’d have a bonfire and watch the sun set and rise. Hell, I’d probably sleep on the beach, if it was warm enough.

  2. What superhero power would you choose?
    The power to heal

  3. If you could invite 3 people to a dinner party who would they be?
    Hmmm… John Lennon…The Dalai Lama….and Jesus.

  4. Which ability would you rather have, the ability to fly or be invisible?

  5. If you had only one wish, what would it be? (no wishing for unlimited wishes)
    I wish that humanity could live together harmoniously, looking out for each other and working together as a community to help each other and be happy.

  6. If you could have any career what would it be?
    A travel writer (I chose that because it’s hard to get into. If I could just be a travel writer, then I could work on becoming a Psychologist while doing that that would be swell)

  7. What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?
    Usually if I want to try something I find some way to do it…so in this case all I can think of is going bungee jumping.

Living the dream


A few days ago I said to someone “congratulations, you’re living the dream.” Afterwards I wondered, what does that even mean? So often we say to people, wow, look at you, living the dream! But what is “living the dream”? Who’s dream are we referring to anyway?

My dream is to work not because I have to but because I want to. It’s having the freedom to do whatever, be wherever and study whatever. It’s having options. I’m working towards that dream, and I can feel it coming. But unless you know what you’re working towards, how do you know what to do to get it?

What does “living the dream” mean to you?

Breaking free from self-imposed chains


So what has changed in the last 8 months?


  • New job, and new job prospects
  • The end of a toxic friendship
  • Re-meeting an old friend from years ago and realising we have even more in common than we did back then
  • Change of career path (from PR to Psychology!)
  • Making many, many wonderful new friends
  • Letting go of old worries
  • Releasing old guilt
  • Progression down the spiritual path
  • The opportunity of a lifetime (which I will explain in more detail when the time is right)

I’m sure there have been others, but I just can’t think of them at 9am on a Saturday morning.

One thing I have been struggling with is how to integrate the two seemingly contradictory sides of myself. On one hand I want to lead a life of simple happiness, with few possessions cluttering my home, to meditate and do yoga every day, and to help people, especially teenagers. But on the other, I want a glamorous job as a travel writer or features writers and be financially free, so I have the freedom to do the things I enjoy. How can these two contradictory aspects coexist harmoniously in the same person without making them (me) go crazy?

There is a shift in energy occurring on the planet at the moment. Like joining the left and right brain, or male and female energy, or spirit and matter, to form one complete thing. No longer either/or but both, together. That’s what I’m trying to achieve.

And why does it have to be either/or? I mean, look at Maslow’s Hierarchy. In order to reach self-actualisation all the lower levels need to be satisfied first, including basic needs like food, water, shelter, moving to love, acceptance and belonging, then ending, finally, after all the others have been met, at self-actualisation. So that in itself explains how I can want both the superficial stuff and the spiritual stuff at the same time.

I mean really, it’s all about freedom in the end. The freedom to do as one chooses. But let me tell you a secret that not many people know, and few are willing to accept. The secret is this: We ARE all free. The only limits to what we can do and achieve are SELF IMPOSED and they are done so for a reason. It’s simply a matter of figuring out why. What lessons you are meant to be learning out of it.

Think about it…That’s saying that wherever you are right now, whatever restrictions you have in your life have been self-imposed.

Be brutal. Be honest. Then you will be free.

A nameless poem


Through wind and rain we trundle on, though darkness looms all round;
Our hopes and dreams keep us aglow, a saddened soul not found.
In turn we come to know that what we see is not what is,
And in this knowledge, soundly kept, the true heart always lives.

Melissa Wallace



It’s amazing how quickly life can turn around. Within 8 months my life has done a complete 180. At the start of the year I was ready, no, desperate to pack up and go to India for a year to live in an Ashram. I was on a downhill spiral and the Ashram was the only way I could see out of the mess I was in.

Now…who knew things could change so drastically and so quickly! New opportunities have arisen from nothing at all. Life is amazing. And I am happy.

Everyone goes through ups and downs. It’s a part of life. We just have to remember that there is always, ALWAYS a silver lining. Even if we can’t see it at the time.


The “L” word: Does anyone know what it means anymore?


Love. What does it even mean? We throw it around so much, so often, that eventually it becomes one of those words that sounds funny and are void of all meaning. Love. Love.

What does it mean to you? What does it represent? I’m not sure I even know anymore. Actually, that’s not true. To me, love means that doing anything for that person. Unfortunately, it also means sacrificing my own happiness for theirs.

It also means wanting to experience my life with that person by your side. The person I turn to, and can rely on, when I’m spiralling downwards, and the person I want to share my greatest joys with. In fact, the lowest lows, and the highest highs, are not the same without the person you love.

But what happens when the one you love has a different view on what love is? What happens when your views don’t match? What then? No one prepares you for that. No amount of talking or yelling or reasoning or compromising can change what you think love is and what they think love is.

And then? Well then you’re just screwed.

What about you? What does love mean to you? And what does it mean to the person you love? Do they match? If not, how do you work around that?

Take a different approach


The other day I was up the street with my 4yo son. I had my arms full of groceries and was holding his hand. I needed to get across the road to my car, so I chose to cross where I was rather than walking 25mt to the pedestrian crossing (I know, I know, bad mother). So I waited for the cars to stop and hurried across the road, dragging 4yo along.

Then I heard a woman yelling at me from in the car I’d just walked behind. Something along the lines of “Use the crossing!” She was mad, shake her head at me and clearly enraged at the terrible crime I’d just committed. Now, I feel the exact same way as this lady did when I see people crossing the road with their children and not using the crossing. I just don’t say anything because I know that hey, sometimes I’m imperfect like that too.

The lady pulled into a park two parks down from me and, since my defences had gone up, I was incredibly mad at her, wondering how dare she judge me. But as I’m trying to work on my patience and tolerance of other people I thought hard about what I could do instead of hurling abuse back at her, and calling her a child when she poked her tongue out at me (oh yes she did!).

So what did I do? I went across the road and bought some daffodils. I wrote a note that went something along the lines of:

Dear lady,
Thank you so much for the concern you showed my son when I chose not to cross the road at the pedestrian crossing. I too feel that anger at other irresponsible parents who choose not to use a crossing while walking with their children. The fact that my hands were full was no excuse to not make the extra 50 metre walk to the crossing, over the road, then back to my car, rather than the 10 meters across.
However, I’d appreciate it if you did not judge me at my momentary lapse of judgement. I’m sure you, too have made mistakes and I strongly doubt that you are a perfect mother. If you are, I suggest you teach classes, since there really are not many of us.
In the meantime, please accept these flowers as a token of my appreciation, although maybe next time you might want to refrain from poking your tongue out when you’re trying to make a point. You lost a little credibility when you did that.

Thank you.

I was so proud of myself for coming up with this idea. I would still be expressing my emotions (much healthier than repressing them) and doing so in a positive manner. But, my awesomeness wasn’t to be recognised, as by the time I emerged from the supermarket, flowers and note in hand, I saw the woman piling her daughter back into the car and leaving.

What a shame I wasn’t able to give that lady my note. Oh well. I did end up with a beautiful bunch of daffodils! 🙂
How about you? What’s your way of dealing with awful or judgemental people?