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A little bit more…


I spent the last few hours organising my blog which now includes another three pages on my photography, writing and public relations experience (some of which still needs to be updated, but it’s 12:50am and I’m at my limit for the night).

Just a little bit more to satisfy your curiousity…



Attention lovers of all things retro or photographic


Wee Man

I have a new toy!! Well not really, it’s a new addition to my favourite toy, which is my iPhone (and for those who don’t know why I love my iPhone perhaps you should head here first).

I discovered it through a chick I went to high school with who, to be honest, I haven’t spoken to since, but am friends with on Facebook. She had posted these AWESOME photos and I just HAD to know how she took them. Well, I was very excited to find out it was an iPhone app and of course, downloaded it straight away.

The app?


It’s an awesome app that lets you take analogue photos with your iPhone camera. For a mere $7.55 (got my bill today) you can download the whole package, which includes 8 films (some retro, some black and white, and some with the faded edges), 6 lenses and 6 flashes. You can mix and match, with or without flash, or give your phone a shake for random creations. From old school, faded, yellowish 60s to washed out 90s, or grainy black and white it has everything you could ever need to make retro photos. Of course, being on your iPhone the clarity isn’t great, but remember, photos back in the day often weren’t either!!

Somewhere in Spotswood

So here are a few of my favourite creations. But I warn you, if you’re anything like me don’t play with it when you need your phone. I’ve had to charge my phone 5 times in the last 3 days because it eats through the battery. But it is OH SO MUCH FUN!!!

** If click on the photo it will tell you what film, lens and flash I used**

On the way to Scienceworks

Small Man

A call for professional advice…


A writer...

I’m having a dilemma so I was hoping some of you very wise people out there might be able to help.

Work is really starting to pick up for me. I’m getting more writing, PR and photography gigs. I’m also starting up alternative therapies (crystal therapy and Reiki), as well as meditation workshops.

These two aspects are two very important sides of me; the writing, creative person, and the healing, spiritual person. I’m a big believer in a holistic approach to life, and in remembering that we are not just made up of physical particles but of energy as well, which is JUST as important.

...An alternative therapist...

So, my question is this. Being that these two sides- the writing/PR, and the spiritual/healer- make up who I am, do I split my services into two business cards or do I, like I would rather do, have one business card that has the writing/PR stuff on one side, and the alternative therapies stuff on the other?

You see, I want to have both things on one card (writing, photography & PR on one, Reiki, crystal therapy and meditation on the other) ¬†because that’s me saying I am one person who does all these things. There is the spiritual side, and the physical side, and I am made up equally of both. I don’t want to split who I am into two business cards, that just seems wrong, like I’m denying myself or hiding parts of me.

...A photographer...

But there is the argument that a PR person may not be interested in an alternative therapist’s card and vice versa (although to say they are mutually exclusive is rubbish), and that it may be off-putting in that many people are of the opinion that no intelligent, smart and competent person can be into alternative therapies and other such “airy-fairy nonsense”.

So, I need some professional advice from you lovely people out there, particularly those of you in the creative/communications industries who don’t have much knowledge or interest in the alternative therapies and spirituality; would this put you off hiring me? Would you be intrigued? Would it help me stand out? Or would you think of me as some wishy-washy, unreliable hippie type?

Because the thing is, you never know when, as a highly stressed magazine editor, you may pull out that card to hire me as a freelance writer, only to discover that I also do meditation as well. And having a well balanced life is one of the keys to happiness!

365project- Day 1 In the Bowl


Day 1- Introducing the Bowl

In order to put my budding photography skills to practice I have decided to…no wait, scratch that… I am starting my own 365project. For those that don’t know, this is where you take a photo a day based around a theme of some sort (as I mentioned in my previous post). I think originally the idea was to take a self portrait, but that you had to be holding the shutter button, and that some part of you had to be in the photo, but the idea has expanded to include whatever themes hold your passion.

My theme is called In the Bowl. I have a bowl that stores all these affirmation cards, and so I am going to pull out one each morning and use that word to base my photo for the day on. This is going to be difficult, putting abstract concepts like honesty and wisdom into photographs, but I think it should be interesting!

Today, being day 1, is an introduction to my bowl and its cards. I hope you enjoy my 365project!

Favorite photo


So last week I was tagged by Kerri Sackville¬†with regards to what my favorite photo is, why, what the story behind it is etc. It’s been hard picking just one photo, because there are so many from different times in my life that I love.

Anyway, the one I picked is this one:

The people are my dad with my two best friends from high school, Jacqui (on the left) and Sarah (on the right).
It was at mine and Shane’s wedding, 3rd November 2007, which was celtic themed and held at Overnewton Castle, in Keilor.
The reason I love this photo is because of my dad, really. He’s a lovely man, and in this photo, between two beautiful women, he just looks so cheeky, and pleased as punch to find himself in such a sandwich.¬†They are some of the most important people in my life, and seeing them together, happy, and having fun on our wedding day just warms me up.
Pretty boring, really. But looking at all the photos I have on my computer (and there’s nothing earlier than 2006, so there are whole sections missing) this was the one that would warm my heart and make me smile.
So…who to tag?
I tag :