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Definition of hypocrisy and irony: pro-life extremists willing to kill to make their point.


Finally, a news story I can get angry about. It has been a long time since a piece of news has made me this angry, and here it is.

According to UK Times online website, 67 year-old Dr George Tiller was shot in his church while performing his duties as an usher. That’s right. IN. HIS. CHURCH. Tiller was known for his work on performing late-term abortions at his clinic in Witchita, Kansas. Obviously abortion is a controversial issue without adding to it the taboo of it being a late-term one. Tiller was aware of how many locals felt about his work, having been the victim of a shooting in 1993, where a woman shot him in both arms, and had his clinic bombed in 1986, causing serious damage but, fortunately, not injuring anyone. Los Angeles Times says the police arrested a 51 year old man, who could be charged today with murder and aggravated assault (they obviously don’t have the same laws over there with regards to what the media can talk about before being charged).
So let me get this straight. There are people out there that are so AGAINST abortion that they think it ok to try to KILL someone because of it. Is anyone else scratching their head in confusion, trying to figure out HOW on EARTH this makes any sense? The PRO-LIFE extremists are willing to KILL to get their point across? Doesn’t that kind of ruin their credibility and their argument? I mean, they are advocating for unborn feotus’s to have the right to a chance at life. Their argument is that unborn baby’s are humans and have feelings too. Um, hello? Aren’t 67 year old men with a wife, four children and 10 grandchildren humans too? Don’t 67 year old men have feelings too? Not only that, but this person who did the shooting was a CHURCH GOER. One word. HYPOCRITE.
I found this sentence in particular to be especially ironic:

Anti-abortion violence has killed at least seven people in the US, including three doctors, two clinic employees, a security guard and a clinic escort.

Anti-abortion has killed at leas seven people.
Can you see why I’m scratching my head?
The Alphamummy blog (one of my favorites) summed up my thoughts perfectly when they summed up the event:

The zealots are out again in America. You know, the ones who are so focussed on the sanctity of life, who so cherish the human condition that they urge harrassment and even violence against doctors who perform legal medical procedures.

Well, this will most certainly shove the whole debate of abortion under the nose of Obama, who, although supports the right to choose, has apparently been avoiding the topic. Until now, that is. But I am loving his statement (I really do love this guy):
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad at anti-abortion groups. They have as much right to opinion as the rest of us. It’s the extremists once again that take it too far. People say religion is the the cause of most of the violence and wars in the world? Well it’s not, it’s the EXTREMISTS that cause it.
You can read the full story here. I just wanted to point out that the sheer stupidity of some people astounds me. I will be shaking my head about this for a very long time.