Photo by Mel Wallace

This blog is a a compilation of everything I love and am passionate about. It won’t suit all of you all the time, but that’s just plain bad luck, because I am like that. I am passionate about everything I do. In fact, my philosophy is that if you are not passionate about it, you should not waste your time doing it, because you can’t put your whole heart and soul into something you only half enjoy. So, whatever you see me doing, I’m doing because I love it and no other reason.

In these pages you will find posts on the following topics:

  • Cool websites (iCulture)
  • Interesting news (News & CA)
  • Music discovered on Myspace (iCulture)
  • Books, music, event reviews (Lifestyle, Arts & Culture)
  • Interviews (Lifestyle, Arts & Culture)
  • Spiritual and alternative stuff (Spirituality)
  • Food (Lifestyle, Arts & Culture)
  • Parenting
  • Random/inspirational/motivational

And a bit about me…

I am:

  • A professional communications specialist, mixologist (it’s a word- look it up)
  • A freelance writer, PR chick, journalist
  • An amateur photographer, chef, mother
  • Happy, ambitious, determined
  • Spiritual, optimistic, stubborn

I currently work/write for:

  • Travelling in Australia Magazine (Issue 123)- Freelance
  • Auzone Magazine (Issue 2)- Freelance
  • PRhelp- Freelance
  • Real Magazine- PR Manager/Editorial
  • The Centre for Mind, Body, Spirit- Meditation Facilitator/Crystal Therapist

I love:

  • Reading, writing, studying, photography, travel, yoga, meditation, Thai & Indian food, Vietnamese Pho, chocolate, being outside, the beach, music, trying new things, frankie Magazine, Real Magazine, achieving goals, spending time with my family, inspiring people, time to myself, time with friends,going out for a nice meal, the smell of rain, my home made hot chocolate, and sitting at a cafe on my own, with a good book or magazine.

I loathe:

  • Peas
  • Anyone who is selfish, inconsiderate, rude or nasty
  • Windy days
  • The word “hate”

Some day I hope to:

  • Finish my MA (Writing and Literature)
  • Study MA  (Western Esotericism)
  • Study photography
  • Complete a PhD (Esotericism, Writing and Lit, Communications, Psychology- it’s all good)
  • Learn French
  • Publish a novel
  • Take my boys “house-sitting” around the world for 12 months
  • Have my own vegetable and herb garden
  • Teach what I’m passionate about

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